As my children are at home over the school summer hoidays (4 July to 18 August) Optimum Physio's service will be reduced. Evening pilates classes will continue on a Monday and Wednesday evening. Friday morning pilates class will finish on the 3 July and will restart on 21 August. Anyone from this class wishing to join the evening classes over the break is very welcome. Also see the for Michelles daytime classes which will be continuing over the break.


There will be no clinic service over the school summer holidays. The last clinic will be on Friday 3 July and appointments will be available again from the 21 August. 


Any queries please call or text Fiona on 07713 592999.







Following assessment, treatments may include joint and/or soft tissue mobilisations, massage, joint manipulation, sports taping and ultrasound. Wax bath therapy is also available.


A recent study by Nuffield Health ( has revealed that more than half of adults live with unnecessary pain by trying to self diagnose and treat rather than seeing a qualified practioner such as a chartered physiotherapist. Even one appointment to help diagnose your aches can help remedy your problem and avoid it becoming chronic and affecting your lifestyle.


Clinics are held at Deeside Dance Centre at the Hill of Banchory. The centre has plenty car parking and Stagecoach Bluebird buses from Aberdeen stop nearby. 


Initial assessments are £45 and last an hour and follow up sessions (45 mins) cost £30. If you have health insurance cover Optimum Physio is also a physio provider to all major health insurance groups including Bupa, Nuffield Health and Aviva.





Home visits can be arranged if more convenient to you. If you are needing post operative rehabilitation please get in touch for more details, on 07713 592999









Regular pilates classes available at the Inchmarlo Pilates Hut, 5 mins drive from Banchory. Pilates is great for a core workout, strengthening and toning the muscles to improve posture and protect against injury. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.




Beginners - Wed 2015 to 2115

Intermediate - Wed 1900 to 2000

Advanced - Mon 1900 to 2000

Antenatal - Wed 10 to 11

Mixed - Fri 930 to 1030


Prior to starting classes a introductory 45min session is held to go through the core exercises and find out clients particular goals. This is usually held on a Monday at 2015, but alternative times are available on request. 


One to one or small group sessions can also be tailor made to suit your specific needs.


For more information or to book an introductory session contact Fiona on 07713 592999 or see Optimum Physio's facebook page.